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The Versa Lift gives you a push-button attic storage solution for your home and garage. It’s the storage system that gives you push-button access to the out-of-sight storage space you already own! The unique Versalift is fully automatic, inexpensive to own, and loaded with exclusive features and available accessories.

Attic & Garage Storage Lifts

Look what you can store out-of-sight with push-button ease with the Versa Lift:

• Storage Boxes
• Books/Magazines
• Hobby Items
• Craft Supplies
• Sports Equipment
• Camping Gear
• Tax Records
• Luggage
• Ice Chests
• Garden Tools
• Yard Art
• Holiday Dishes
• Decorations
• Christmas Lights
• Tree Ornaments
• Garden Hose Reels
• Pool & Patio Items
• Planter Pots
• Garage Sale Items
• Seasonal Clothing
The Versa Rail surrounds the ladder opening to keep you safer when you go into your attic. In addition, it gives you a secure handrail to hold onto when you enter or exit the attic via the steep attic ladder steps. The Versa Rail adjusts to fit all folding ladder openings and is easily installed in only minutes.
• Dual grab-bar handrails provides comfort & security when you enter and exit the attic.
• Railing forms a safety barrier surrounding the ladder opening in your attic floor.
• Reduces risk of injury from accidentally stepping or falling through the ladder opening.
• Reduces risk of injury from losing your balance while entering or exiting your attic ladder.



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